Les Comtes De Provence – Walnut Fig Jam

I’ve been eating Smuckers jam, jelly and preserves for years. I’ve switched to other brands I found at the supermarket (by the way I can’t recall their names) but always stuck to the same because of price. I couldn’t resist sometimes the buy one get one sales but it was until I had enough! Walking through a Marshall’s store I stumbled upon a new kind of jelly; A French one! Yey, love European stuff.


Brand: Les Comtes De Provence
Type: Jam
Flavor: “Old Fashion” Walnut Fig Jam
Features: Made with cane sugar and cooked in cauldron (large metal pot).
Ingredients: Figs, Cane Sugar, Walnut, Lemon Juice and Fruit pectin

Comments: Since over a year ago, this has become my favorite jam! It is rich in flavors, it has a great consistency and there are no artificial ingredients. It’s all “al naturale”. By the way there are other flavors. I wish it could be easier to find, but is not. You can get lucky if you find it at either Marshalls or TJ Maxx.

If you come across this site and know where to buy them in United States, please share the information or email me about it. Thanks!


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